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DC motor reverse polarity switch DPDT relay module 2A 12V door coop chicken DIY

Revolutionize your motor control experience with our cutting-edge module designed to flip the script on traditional setups.
$8.00 $8.50

dc motor reverse polarity cyclic timer switch time repeater 900/960 sec 2A 12V

Cyclic Time relay with separate adjustable two times: - TIME 1 - from 1 to 165 sec - TIME 2 -From 1 to 75 sec With reversing the polarity at every cycle

reverse polarity dc motor switch dpdt relay module 2A 5V DIY kit

The switch can be used to operate small DC motor (up to 24W) and to controlled the rotating direction.

reverse polarity garage door gate controller module 12v 2a continue signal 12V+

This controller is designed to control small 12VDC electric doors - chicken, garage, gate ets
From $11.20