electronic fan temperature controlled thermostat regulator KIT 1A 12V 20C to 80C

Electronic Fan Temperature Controlled Thermostat Regulator KIT 1A 12V 20C to 80C
Manufacturer: Deselectra
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Often in practice requires the installation of additional heatsink of various electronic devices. Usually you have to choose between large and massive heat sink or smaller heat sink and an additional heat sink with cooling fan fan. When choosing a massive heat sink, device is expensive and occupies much more space. When choosing a heat sink with a smaller radiator and cooling fan, the fan becomes worn and dirty relatively quickly and the fan is not always necessary to work constantly. Termo Fan finds its application as an optimal solution. The device monitors the set temperature in these limits and exceeded it unblocks the relay, which runs the fan, and a fall of the temperature in the limit, the relay is blocks and the fan switches off. This leads to substantially extending the life of the fan and reduces dust in your device.

     Termo Fan has the following functions:

Set the temperature over a wide range from 20 ° to 80 ° C;

Sensitivity threshold of - 0.3 ° C;

Thermal probe with cable length 500mm, can be extended to 1500mm;

LED indication for operation of the fan;

Back - voltage protection;

Maximum allowable load (fan) control 12V/1A; Can be extended with heat sink to 1.5A

Power supply - DC 12V;

Sensor: termistor 

Dimensions: 34 mm x 26 mm x 16 mm

The fan connected to thermostat has smooth start and stop. 
 Package contents:
1. Time Relay
2. Instruction for use and wiring diagram.