delay start timer switch time relay 25 sec to 31 hours kit 12V / 10A delay ON

Delay start time relay from 25s to 31h and 17m that can be set by using ranges at the table.
Manufacturer: Deselectra
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Item Description:
You will able to change it later with soldering iron if you need. 
You can choose a default range by writing a message with the order.

Delay start time relay from 25s  to 31h and 17m that can be set by using ranges at the table. 


- length - 50 mm

- width - 37 mm

- height - 20 mm

Have terminals for:

-  12V input , Have protection against reverse supply voltage.

- Normally open contact  

- Normally closed contact

- Common terminal

Power supply - 12V DC

Relay: 10A 250V AC

            15А/125V DC

             15A/24V DC 

Time is adjusted by a trimmer.

There is a green diode, which indicates the number of counting cycles anda a red diode, which indicates whether the relay is working. 

  - when the green diode is flashing -  it indicates delay progress.

  - when the red diode lights - it indicates that the relay works

Method of work:

When power is on, the delay time start, green led diode flashing. When set time end, the relay is activated - green diode lights and output NO contact is closed, NC contact open, until cut off the power.

By restarting power supply - cycle repeats.

Device doesn't have plastic box, as it is seen on the picture.

The delay ranges are changed with make a track between terminals bottom of the plate, with numbers from 1 to 10 

regarding setup table. The timer will come with default delay range as you can choice from drop-down menu. 

When you set delay range - then time is adjusted by a trimmer. 


Using "Trial and Error" to set a long time period would be very tedious. A better solution is to use the Setup tables provided - and calculate the time required to light the red diode.

For example, if you want a period of 9 Hours - the Range table shows that you can use range number 9. You need relay to be activate after 9 x 60 x 60 = 32 400 seconds. The Setup table tells you to divide this by 512 - giving about 63 seconds. Adjust the trimmer so that the Red LED lights 63 seconds after power is applied. This will activate the relay  at Range 9  after about 9 Hours.

Package contents:

1. Time Relay

2. Instruction for use and wiring diagram.

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