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DRL mini timer switch time relay 1 to 20 / 150 / 240 / 480 / 1200 sec kit 12V / 20A Delay ON car daylight

CAR DRL Time relay with accuracy from 1 to 20/ 150 / 240 / 480 / 1200 sec seconds.
$13.00 $11.00

Negative car dome interior light delay switch high power timer 1-55s 15A 12V

🌟 Upgrade Your Car with Interior Light Delay Functionality! 🚗💡

Push button DC motor reverse polarity switch dpdt relay module 2A 12V

Compatible with a wide range of applications, thanks to its ability to accommodate external push buttons and extended wires.

adjustable delay turn OFF car stereo timer switch relay 1 to 750s kit 12V 7A

Time relay with range from 1 to 750 seconds. - Delay turn off the car stereo up to 750 sec after you cut off the engine - Turn off car stereo if engine is turn off and driver door is opened
From $10.00

delay off timer switch time relay 25 sec to 31 hours kit 12V / 10A delay stop

Delay stop time relay from 25s to 31h and 17m that can be set by using ranges at the table.
From $7.70

SMD car timer switch relay 1-150 sec delay stop off 12V 20A direct 12V out auto

Time relay with accuracy from 1 to 150 seconds.
$12.00 $9.00