Cyclic timers

Cyclic timers are essential devices used to control the operation cycles of various electrical systems. These timers facilitate cyclic on/off sequences, allowing for precise control over the duration and frequency of operations. They are commonly employed in industrial settings, controlling machinery, lighting, pumps, or any application that requires specific timing patterns. Cyclic timers offer configurable settings, enabling users to set diverse cycle durations, intervals, and sequences, optimizing the functionality of connected systems according to specific operational needs

24V dc motor reverse polarity cyclic timer switch time repeater 900/960s 1A

Adjustable two times: ON: 9-900 sec OFF: 2-960 sec

dc motor reverse polarity cyclic timer switch time repeater 900/960 sec 2A 12V

Cyclic Time relay with separate adjustable two times: - TIME 1 - from 1 to 165 sec - TIME 2 -From 1 to 75 sec With reversing the polarity at every cycle

cyclic timer switch time relay kit 10A with 2 set times

Cyclic Time relay with 2 set times: Time 1 - switch key is in left position - Time ON - 9 minutes; OFF - 3 minutes and 30 seconds Time 2 - switch key is in right position - Time ON - 20 seconds; OFF - 10 seconds
$13.00 $11.50

cyclic timer switch relay kit 12v adjustable ON/OFF repeater 11/7sec 165/75 sec 700/ 300s sec

Cyclic Time relay with adjustable on and off times: - ON - from 0 to 11/ 165/ 700 sec - OFF - from 0 to 7 / 75 / 300 sec
$13.00 $11.50