chicken coop reverse polarity garage door gate opener controller module 12V 2A

Electric Reverse Polarity Garage Door Gate Opener Controller Module 12V 2A
Manufacturer: Deselectra
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Item Description:

This controller is designed to control small 12VDC electric doors - chicken, garage, gate ets.

Have build in 2 timers, for open and close the door, with reversing the polarity. 

Module can be start with positive 12V+ and negative pulse(not soldered wire)

Have led indication for working timer green - in one direction, red - in other direction.

Build in protection for common pulse at the two inputs.


- length -  39 mm

- width - 34 mm

- height - 16 mm

Power supply - 12V DC - Have protection against reverse supply voltage. - wired with red(positive) and black(negative) wires

Output reversed - direct 12V DC 2A - wired with two white wires

Two orange wires - for positive pulse start of the timers

Controller can be start with negative pulse( not soldered wires)

Length of the wires - 10 cm

Relays: 2A/12V DC 

Time is adjusted by trimmer - rotate counterclockwise - increase time

Important: please use powerful DC adapter - min 4A, to be sure that module will not restart, if voltage drop when motor start.

Principle of work:

Connect the red and black wires to power supply( use min 4A adapter). Two white wires - to the motor( max 2A). 

When timer 1 orange wire receive 12V+ pulse - the module will supply 12V to the motor for the set time 1,then motor will stop. 

When timer 2 orange wire receive 12V+ pulse - the motor will supply reverse 12V+ and motor will start to opposite direction for the set time 2, then will stop.

if you use 12V- pulse - solder two wires at the plate( see the wiring diagram) and use them in same way.

 Package contents:

1. Door Controller

2. Instruction for use and wiring diagram.

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