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DC motor reverse polarity switch DPDT relay module 2A 12V door coop chicken DIY

Revolutionize your motor control experience with our cutting-edge module designed to flip the script on traditional setups.
$8.00 $8.50

Negative car dome interior light delay switch high power timer 1-55s 15A 12V

🌟 Upgrade Your Car with Interior Light Delay Functionality! 🚗💡

Push button DC motor reverse polarity switch dpdt relay module 2A 12V

Compatible with a wide range of applications, thanks to its ability to accommodate external push buttons and extended wires.

electronic thermostat for incubator hatching eggs 12V, 85 - 256 VAC heater 3A

Electronic Thermostat for incubator 12v power supply. Can be used only with Heater up to 3А/85-256V AC
$14.00 From $9.00

cyclic timer switch relay kit 12v adjustable ON/OFF repeater 11/7sec 165/75 sec 700/ 300s sec

Cyclic Time relay with adjustable on and off times: - ON - from 0 to 11/ 165/ 700 sec - OFF - from 0 to 7 / 75 / 300 sec
$13.00 $11.50